Transformative Design for lives and businesses to move, touch and inspire.

Provide great value to your clients and the world and you'll live a life of abundance.

The Foundations of Transformative Design™



Why do we do  – what we do?

When business and life is designed around with what we authentically want for clients, the world and our own quality of life, we are finally empowered and energized in a way that most people will never know.  

Authenticity is the key to insight, focus and motivation to identify and solve problems that are worth solving.

Being authentic is fundamental and is the source of strength to take a stand and be BIG in the world!




How do we design it?

By designing our business and lives in a way that is in integrity with our authentic mission we have a freedom that few ever experience.

Integrity removes stress and worry from life, it makes clients raving fans and is the foundation on which amazing businesses and lives are built and grow.

Something Bigger

The BIG Picture

Is this just about business?

Everything exist in a system that is part of something bigger.  Our business, life and relationships all work together in profound ways.

Recognizing that we are all part of a larger system reveals possibilities and opportunities. 

This awareness allows us to take a holistic approach and design business, life and relationships to be extraordinary.

Cause in the Matter


Can I really do this?

When we design in a way that includes our passion and authentic vision of our business and life and then take action … It’s transformative!

We must take action. Action is what moves, touches and inspires ourselves and others.

The answer: “Yes, You can do this!”

Heres a secret: When we are moved, touched and inspired – there is no difference between work and play.


About Jonathan Partlow

What is Transformative Design™?

Transformative designers™ examine problems holistically and understand relationships as well as components to better frame the challenge.

We design systems composed of processes, services, interactions and experiences that support people and organizations in achievement of a desired goal.

Mission Statement

Jonathan Partlow Transformative Strategic Designer | Business Coach |Life Coach | Experience Designer | Business Leader

 “The great designer is a leader, educator, bricoleur and facilitator of others greatness.”

 My mission is to inspire, instruct and help others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals.

Great designers, businesses and leaders understand that if we provide a great design that opens up a realm of possibility for our internal teams, business partners, clients and users to be moved, touched and inspired they will reciprocate by moving, touching and inspiring us in ways that are ONLY achievable together.


 Full Mission Statement


Transformative Design™ – Life and Business Coaching 

Teamwork Creativity Concept

Personally coaching and consulting for a very limited number of select clients. Together, we strategically design a plan to immediately increase revenuesbuild goodwill in their market and develop a long term plan to grow their business and life in a way that inspires.  

Typically, I work with clients for 12 months but I will work with the client as long as I am providing exceptional value and helping them attain their goals. Every design is created with the client and depends on each individual.

Even before my clients become ‘clients’ (during the free initial get to know each other meeting) we design multiple strategies to grow their business.

We take a stand for the clients greatness, work with integrity and together we are cause in the matter and are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Apply to Be a Client

I believe in and am passionate about what I do (and so are my clients) and they always get great value from us working together… what they accomplish in their business and lives truly moves, touches and inspires me!

Strategic & Experience Designer – Special Projects 

User Experience Designer Leader UX Designer Business Designer

My availability for corporate and special projects or innovative design projects is based on whether the project is really intriguing to me, if I can bring great value to the project, if the project makes a real difference in the lives of the clients and if it creates great value to the world and the business.

My approach on these type of projects is holistic and the design includes the culture (cultural design), touch points for clients (service design), consequences / constraints on the system (systemic design) and the world, the business model (strategic design) and the user experience throughout the entire life of the relationship (experience design).

Typically, fees for such projects start at $250,000+ and I only take 1 of these projects a year.

If you have a project that you believe is compelling and want to have a conversation about working together then apply now to be a client and we will provide you with more details and set an appointment to have a conversation.

Special Projects Application

Great designs include the user experience, the business culture, business model, the strategic and service design, brand and sustainability, growth of the business … the entire system.

Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader and Trainer 

Jonathan Partlow Keynote Speaker, Workshop Leader, Trainer on User Experience Design, Strategic Design, Business Model Design, Leadership Coach and Leadership Training

I have limited availability to speak at public events, conferences and corporate retreats on Transformative Design™, User Experience Design,  Strategic Design, Business Design, Business Model Design and Leadership.

Fees and availability do vary but, as a guide, a typical fee for a US based event is $50,000 a day plus 1st class travel & accommodations. International (Non-US based events) the fees are $100,000 a day plus 1st class travel & accommodations. On site corporate training and speaking rates are fairly similar.

These ranges are provided as a guide and some may be more or less – it really depends on the event, the topic the audience and so on. In other words, I really only speak at events where I dig what you are doing and I feel like I can provide great value to the audience. If you want me for an event I personally make the decision after we have a conversation so just let me know and if it is a good fit for all of us then we will figure it out.

You can use the Apply button and in the comments let us know some details of the event and we will send you an application.

Speaking & Training Application

Designers and leaders have a duty to themselves and to the world to take action with Authenticity, Integrity, by recognizing and being part of something bigger than ourselves and then taking the stand to be cause in the matter.


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Want more information?

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How Do I get Started?

Apply to be a Client

It all starts here.

When you click to apply you will be taken to another page with further information and the application.

This is a quick and simple application. (I won’t ask you any bizarre questions.)

The application is designed to inform our conversation and let me get an idea of your business and how I can help you.  

We Talk

We have a conversation during which we get to know each other and design a strategy for your business.

Why would I do this?

First, I enjoy it. It is cool to help transform peoples lives.
Second, I would hope that you get great value out of it and ask to be a client.

This is free and whether you become a client or not you have a real design to move forward.  

We Make a Decision

If we decide it is a good fit, and you ask me to be a client, we will immediately start implementing the design.

If it’s not a good fit then that is cool. I will wish you well and ask that you keep in touch.

Either way – I authentically want you to succeed.

I will not try to sell you on becoming a client, ever. 

Move Forward

When you do become a client we will set-up our milestones and action steps and design metrics on which to track progress.

We will start working towards  doubling, tripling or quadrupling your income while providing great value to your clients and creating massive good will in your marketplace.

Heard enough? – Let’s start working.

I can only work with very few select personal clients at a time.
It is simply a question of math… I only have so much time.   
I only work with clients that I can provide incredible value to in their business and we crush it!